Tea Craft Tuesday: Collage Notecards

Feb 12, 2019 | art, tea, tea artist, tea bags, tea craft Tuesday

Last week I had the good fortune to be invited over to my friend, Carol’s house for some collage time.  She has a wonderful collection of decorative papers which she generously offered to share with me.  While gathering supplies and preparing for this occasion, I decided that I would create tea-themed collage notecards.  Notecards would be a good way to share my love of both collage and tea with others. So that’s what I did.  You see a few of the cards pictured here.

For those who are interested in technical details, I used the Pioneer square dual edge photo glue stick to affix the papers to blank Strathmore bamboo notecards.  These acid free glue sticks are wonderful to use – particularly when working with papers cut on a straight edge.  And I love Strathmore’s “Greener Options” series of blank cards.